Moose Hunts

Calling in the Big Bull Moose

Looking for that next adrenaline rush? Try moose hunting. A bull moose during rut will defend his domain against all other bulls trying to challenge him.  When calling a moose in, you can hear this monster coming from a distance, grunting while smashing everything in his path. It’s enough to make your hair stand on end.

Moose hunting terrain varies, for that reason all of our hunting areas are accessed by Argos on tracks or ATV’s.  This mode of transportation provides our hunters access to remote hunting areas with little hunting pressure.  Most game in this area has never seen man.

Hunts are based out of the main lodge, however, overnight in an outpost camp may be required to insure that trophy bull moose. If this is the case, we provide either a comfortable cabin or outfitters wall tent with airtight stove.

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Whitetail & Mule Deer Hunting

Going for that Trophy Buck

Our deer camps are located in the Wandering River region bordering farm & crown land.  Hunts are from either a heated tower stand or ground blinds that are set up in areas that B&C deer frequent.  Trophy whitetail and mule deer are best hunted during the rut. Time and effort are put into maintaining our successful hunting areas.

Triple L Outfitters monitors our hunting areas with strategiclly placed trail cams which are regularly maintained and monitored. Our objective is to only have 1 hunter per season per stand/blind. This increases the hunters chance at bagging that big buck.

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Black Bear Hunts

Spring Bear Hunting

Spring black bear fur can be thick and soft after hibernation therefore most hunters seek adding a spring bear to their trophy room.  Triple L outfitters bear hunts are located on crown land which is accessed by Argo or ATV’s.  Wandering River hunting area produces a large number of  black bears varying in colour ranging from black, brown, cinnamon, and blonde.

Hunts are conducted from tree stands that are strategically placed in selected spots within a good shooting range from our baits.  We strive to ensure our black bear baits are active. For instance, maintaining a constant food supply at the stands produces an influx of black bears for the hunter to choose from.   A Triple L Outfitter guide escorts hunters  to  and from the hunting area and tree stand.

Above all, our bait lines are well established also with continuous bait through out the season ensures our hunters with success. Triple L Outfitters  provides  hunters an excellent opportunity  to harvest a trophy Black Bear.

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Wolf / Coyote Hunts


Alberta timber wolves are the largest of the wolf species, sometimes up to 200 lbs. This elusive, cagey species are a thrill to hunt.  Wolf hunts are remote and accessed only by ATV, Argo or snowmobile. Heated blinds over bait piles when allowed or spot and stalk hunts are available. Warm cabin accommodations are provided.


Forget the antics of Wile E. Coyote chasing the Road Runner, coyotes are not that obtuse. For instance, coyotes are extremely smart animals with keen eyesight and extremely strong sense of smell. In addition, coyotes are more challenging as they are nocturnal making the hunt window open at dusk and dawn. Therefore, harvesting one of these creatures can earn hunters a badge of honour. Coyote hunts are conducted by spot and stalk or blind over a bait pile. Cabin accommodations are provided.

Waterfowl Hunts

Goose & Ducks

Triple L Outfitters waterfowl hunts as they are extremely fun with lots of action! Our hunting area is located on a migratory flight path.  Thousands of birds in the spring and fall feed and rest in this area as they migrate. Wandering River region is rich with farmland that is continuously planted with peas, barley, oats making it an attractant for the birds. There are several lakes in the region thus making a shoreline blind hunt a viable hunting option. Most important Triple L Outfitters has access to numerous farm fields and lakes in short to make your waterfowl hunt successful.

Hunts are conducted with blinds. All blinds are easily accessible and have enough room for 2 hunters.

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