Welcome to Triple L Outfitters.

Triple L Outfitters provides sport hunting in Northern Alberta.  Our hunting area is in the Wandering River region. This remote area doesn’t have a lot of hunting pressure  so it produces a lot of great opportunities to hunt for that trophy  deer, moose, or black bear.

Our waterfowl hunt provides you abundant opportunity to get a lot of action with flights of geese and ducks  due to the fact we are hunting on a migratory route.  We take great care in preparing and planing to ensure you with a successful hunt.

We currently book 2 hunters to 1 guide. Private one on one guiding is available for an additional charge. William Hilliard and his guides look forward to making sure each and every hunter has the utmost hunting experience while visiting the Wandering River area.

Available Hunts with Triple L Outfitters

Triple L Outfitters - Deer Hunt

Come Hunt With Us!

Triple L Outfitters  provides a variety of hunting options:  from hunting private land in preset tree stands to utilizing the backwoods where only the brave venture and of course our guides.

All hunting areas are scouted months in advance to your arrival to ensure your chance of a successful hunting trip.  Triple L Outfitters promote quantity and ethical hunts, and will strive to provide you with the best hunting adventure possible.

The Outfitter- William Hilliard

Greetings! Here is a little bit of my back ground. I grew up in a small town in Newfoundland where hunting and fishing is part of our culture and survival.

The beginning

I recall my first moose hunt with my dad when I was 11 years old. We walked miles, crossed a bog, bush whacked through the woods and up and down many hills. It was in one of the bogs when finally, my dad rested his old .303 British on my shoulder. The sound of the gun firing scared me at that time, therefore I braced myself as my father squeezed the trigger and the gun rang in my ears. True to my father’s great marksmanship we came home with a nice cow moose.

There would be many trips after that with my father. As a result, when I turned 13, I started trapping by myself. As a teen having my own trapline was ambitious also I was sucessful harvesting fox, mink, and Lynx.  I guess from there I was hooked on hunting.  As time progressed, I ended up working in the mining industry along with several years in construction seems like I never got to spend as much time hunting as I wanted.

The Experience

As an adult I was provided the opportunity to hone in my hunting/guiding skills, guiding for my uncle Cliff Hilliard who also was an outfitter for many years in Northern Alberta. It was from there I always dreamed of having my own hunting camp someday, and now that someday has arrived.

A lot of time and research went into structuring Triple L Outfitters thus resulting in successful hunt trips our clients have come to experience.  Triple L Outfitter guides and myself will provide every hunt that personal touch and attention every hunter deserves.

William Hilliard- Triple L Outfitter

William Hilliard- 2018 Mule Deer

Triple L Outfitters Trail Camera